The Mankato Makespace is filled with many talented artists.

After taking a class, Jessica Schwantes Greve found a new passion for acrylic paint pouring.

Greve says, “There was researching and reading and I just jumped right in. It’s kind of addicting.”

Her art is formed through acrylic paint pouring.

Greve says, “You’re using acrylic paints but instead of a brush, you pour the paint out.”

Which means you never know what you might get, unless of course, like Jessica, you practice and practice to learn and develop new skills.

Greve says, “Getting the right color combinations, and the right way, it takes time to make it look how you want.”

Yet it’s that uniqueness and simplicity that truly brings out the beauty.

Greve says, “The paint just goes, you just go and go until the end. I can see painting that I like, but I can’t duplicate that I like. It’s freeing.”

Greve does private parties and classes at the Mankato Makerspace. You find more ways to connect on her Facebook page, Tree Ring Art1

-KEYC News 12