MADISON LAKE, Minn. -- After an anonymous tip to the Madison Lake City Administrator and KEYC News 12, a video has surfaced of the Madison Lake Police Chief allegedly making a racially charged statement while off-duty. The chief posted the video on Facebook while on vacation at Yellowstone National Park in July.

Madison Lake City Administrator Curt Kephart received a call Monday morning from a concerned citizen referencing what he claimed was a racist video posted on Chief Dan Bunde's personal Facebook page. Kephart asked the chief to review his page to see if there was any validity to the complaint.

As of Monday afternoon, the video had been deleted from Facebook.

Kephart, who says he has not seen the video told us, "I really have a hard time seeing that from Dan Bunde, I don't see the connection."

In regards to the complainant, he added, "Be very cautious before we call people racist. I would look for a pattern of this in that man (Bunde) and I haven't seen this."

After speaking with Chief Bunde, a member of the Madison Lake Police Department for the last 20 years, he declined to make a statement. 

Kephart says the police department has his full support and because the person who made the complaint did not identify themselves, as far as they are concerned this is not a city issue and they will not be pursuing the matter any further.

--KEYC News 12