(MANKATO, Minn) MSU students had the opportunity to speak with Congressional Candidate Dan Feehan Wednesday.

The Democratic nominee to replace Tim Walz in Minnesota's First Congressional District has been touring the southern portion of the state as part of his campaign push for making healthcare more affordable and accessible for Minnesotans.

One of the stops on Feehan's tour included Minnesota State University – Mankato, where he listened to what the students had to say.
"The thing that I've heard throughout the campaign, I've heard this very strange refrain," said Feehan. "People are very excited to turn 65–years–old because then they can be on Medicare, then they can have healthcare that they can count on. Or young people worried about turning 26–years–old, and both things speak to a system that is dysfunctional.'"
In addition to talking about healthcare, the Feehan campaign was helping the MSU College Democrats with their push to educate and register students to vote in an effort to increase millennial and the younger generation turnout.
"I know that a lot of people lost a lot of confidence in the 2016 elections lost a lot of confidence in our politicians," said Emma Fuhrman, Vice President of the MSU College Democrats. "I think that we need to bring that confidence back and work towards rebuilding ourselves as a community, as a state and a nation. I think that voting locally is one of the most important things to do at this time."
Feehan says in Southern Minnesota, the agriculture community is especially affected by our current healthcare system.
"Farmers are stuck on the individual market in which prices have just risen, and risen, and risen," said Feehan. "In my view, we should be making every effort to introduce a public option so that farmers simply have another option."
Feehan’s opponent in the race for the District 1 seat is Republican Jim Hagedorn, the general election is Tuesday, November 6th.

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