MANKATO -- Comfort and great food is key, when choosing a restaurant to eat in, which is why Charley's Restaurant is this week's feature. 

The community cornerstone opened in 1987, after Charley Sadaka moved to the United States from Lebanon, with his family. 

Current Owner and son, Pierre Sadaka said his dad was loved by his customers. Sadaka sadly passed away in 2015, after a three-year battle with cancer, leaving his place to his family.

"The biggest change we've had here at Charley's [restaurant]  is just not being able to see Charley's [former owner] face," said Pierre.

" That's the biggest change and really the only change that we've developed here at Charley's, is missing him."

The restaurant has not changed much, working to keep the same "family restaurant vibe," flowing throughout the place.  

Charley's serves an array of dishes, like the Garlic Parmesan Chicken Penne Pasta, with many fresh veggies that leave your palette satisfied.

Also, they serve Jumbo Ocean Shrimp, with a choice of a side, and options for how you would like your shrimp. 

However, Pierre said they are primarily known for their steaks. 

“We wanted to showcase today our Ribeye Steak, it’s a 16 0z.cut of Ribeye, served really with any choice of side that you’re looking for," said Sadaka.

" On this one we actually put a sautéed vegetable, sautéed vegetables we like to use this time of the year."

When coming in for a steak, Pierre said well done steaks are frowned upon, and medium is the way to go.

The restaurant said they are running a special every weekend from September until October, as a customer appreciation special. 

-- KEYC News 12