(MINNESOTA STATE - MANKATO) 150 years have gone by since what was then-known as the Mankato Normal School was established.

Since then, the school has gone through five name changes and a whole lot of expansion.

Now the university has its first comprehensive written history for people to read.

"Minnesota State University, Mankato 1868-2018: A Sesquicentennial History," was written by a longtime professor of history at the school who has received emeritus status, Dr. William E. Lass.
"There is this prejudice in history that in order to be history it has to be about some far away place long ago," Dr. Lass said.  "That's not really the case at all; history is all around us. It's simply about identifying it and enjoying it."
The idea to write this commemorative book dates back to late 2015 when Lass and university archivists began pouring through university records, starting with the Normal school's charter in 1868.
"I'm really proud of it, it's a really great, well-documented history of the university which we did not have before," said Interim Dean of Library Services Daardi Sizemore Mixon. "We've had a couple various histories but they weren't this well researched and this well documented."
Not surprisingly, MSU  President Richard Davenport was a fan of the team behind the book's work.
"It was like reading a mystery novel; it was so fascinating," said Davenport. "So I encourage you all to take a look at the book and buy one and celebrate along with the rest of us."
The book is now available through the MSU website on the "150th page" for a limited price of $29.99 plus tax until October 1st when it will go up to $39.99

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