JANESVILLE, MN - Volunteer firefighters sacrifice countless hours of their personal time to serve the public. One fire department is honoring its volunteers both past and present.  
Former Janesville Fire Department Chief Bucky Cummins said, "It was a good idea I guess."

The idea was for a memorial, to recognize those who have served and still serve on the Janesville Fire Department.

"We had on the bench, 'In memory of those that have served.' So I thought what better way of kind of tying everything in and go back and look at past members," Cummins said.

The memorial has stone pavers that bear the names firefighters who volunteered their time to the department.

"It's kind of a memorial / thank you. Thank you for your service."

Other pieces of firefighting history are in the memorial, like an antique fire hydrant and a hose cart.

"The hose cart was a gift to us from a family that used to live in town.  Mark, the present chief, went by and saw it sitting there and stopped in and talked to them and they said they would donate it."

The memorial is becoming a sort of attraction for Janesville.

Fire Chief Mark Spitzack said, "We had a lot of positive feedback about it."

Other departments have expressed interest in starting similar memorials.

"I don't want to say too much about it, being that it's something that I started, but it's nice to have it here.  I know that and there's been a lot of people that have stopped by and said that it really looks nice and everything. So, I'm glad that we did it," Cummins said.

--KEYC News 12