The past couple of years, participation in the MSU homecoming parade had been dwindling; that is until this impressive celebration.

This year the university celebrates its 150th anniversary as an educational institution and wanted to mix up its usual festivities to honor the school and its history over homecoming weekend.

"Let's move it downtown so we can have more businesses and community members involved and so we can see more attendees that would come downtown," said Jen Cucurullo of the MSU Business School.

For the first time since 1970, Minnesota State University moved its homecoming parade downtown.

The location offered a longer route to accompany the record 117 floats involved in the parade.

In return, the event attracted a record number of business and community member involvement.

"Every college, division, student group you know the president, everyone is building these amazing floats and I think one of the biggest things is just the participation of people in the homecoming parade that is going to make it so huge," said Cucurullo.

The University isn't the only part of the school that is celebrating a significant anniversary.

"We are also celebrating our 70 years," explained Cucurullo.  "The College of Business is 70 years strong and our theme is also the 1970s."

To celebrate the College of Business' 70th birthday, the department got their hands on a double decker bus to serve as their department's float.

It was easy to spot as it was taller than any other float and had live music playing on the top level.

With excitement around the school this high, it's safe to say Minnesota State will continue to "Stomp Through the Decades."

--KEYC News 12