Mankato Police are investigating potential criminal neglect of a vulnerable adult after a woman was found deceased in a bathtub at a Mankato drug treatment facility.
Mankato authorities responded to a call around 2 p.m on September 30 involving an individual reportedly locked in a bathroom at House of Hope Women's treatment facility in Mankato.

According to a search warrant recently made public, a 43-year-old woman had been found deceased face down in a bathtub by authorities.

Upon arrival, authorities report that there were physical signs that she had been deceased for several hours prior.

Police say House of Hope staff originally told them that the woman had been seen just 20 minutes before emergency services were called.

After reviewing camera footage, authorities learned that the deceased actually had not been seen for at least 12 hours prior to the 911 call.

The search warrant says the investigating officer found an air horn with a plastic attachment next to the deceased resident.

The officer found the package for the air horn, apparently purchased at Walmart, in the resident's purse located in her room.

Court documents suggest that individuals can "huff" the compressed gas inside the air horn canister to get high.

The investigating officer requested and was granted a search warrant due to "the possible criminal nature of the death"

In court documents, the officer cites two Minnesota statutes about criminal neglect of a vulnerable adult as a basis for the warrant.

Authorities are claiming that because the deceased was a resident of the facility, she would qualify as a vulnerable adult.

We have reached out to House for Hope's CEO for comment but have not yet heard back.

----KEYC News 12