Get a taste of what it was like in days gone by at Mankato's History Fest going on right now at McGowan Farm.

"History Fest is a way of showing children all about history. We start with the 1100s and come all the way forward to modern day. We call it playfully preserving history, they get a chance to try out everything from being part of the cowboys, you might have a sheriff lock you in jail, you can go over and fight with the knights, you can watch a lady spin, you can maybe throw a shuttle on a loom," History Fest assistant Julie Hiniker.
History Fest continues through Friday for school kids and then Saturday from 10 to 4 it will be open to the public at $5 a person. If you're interested in volunteering, they are always looking for extra hands. Visit their website to learn more.

--KEYC News 12