MANKATO-- Roosevelt Elementary fourth graders understand that every kid should have fun, regardless of their abilities. That's what has them dropping off loads of cans, in an effort to help purchase a swing for a child named Ethan.
Ethan is over one year old now. He was born very prematurely with cerebral palsy.

His family is looking to buy him a swing, that he can use with his wheelchair. And with help from a family friend, they are well on their way.

Ethan's grandmother Joyce Barnett said her good friend Linda Hanson, decided to start a campaign to get Ethan a special adaptable swing, after meeting him. 

"He weighed one pound, one ounce in an emergency C-section, he was only 25 weeks," said Barnett.

"He's working a miracle and has the best smile in the whole world." 

Hanson is working with students to collect thousands of aluminum cans, that Ethan's grandfather will take to a recycling center in exchange for money.

Fourth Grade Teacher Kristin Krusemark said she asked her students and they were ready to assist. 
"We had Joyce tell us about Ethan," said Krusemark.

 "His story about being born prematurely, having 271 days in the hospital. We said yes, we want to help him with this."

Krusemark's students Elycah Erickson and Indigo Kahmann said they enjoyed helping, because they just want to do good in the community. 
"I just like helping," said Kahmann. 

"I enjoy doing this because it's for a good cause, and I want to help anyone, anyone that I can out," said Erickson. 
The school's goal is to raise $1,000. There will be two more days of donations, one on October 16 and the last can collection is October 23.

There is already a GoFundMe page set up for Ethan, with over $3,000 in donations. 

-- KEYC News 12