(NORTH MANKATO, Minn) - The republican candidate for Minnesota's governor's office was in Mankato Thursday talking about his vision for healthcare.

Healthcare is on the minds of a lot of Minnesotans this election cycle. And with Minnesota electing a new governor in November, the state's healthcare system could have a different look.

Republican candidate Jeff Johnson says he wants to open up the market to more insurance companies as a means of lowering cost.
"We've got to be able to bring those premiums down," said Johnson. "And the only way we're going to be able to do that is by forcing more competition into the system and giving people more choices than what they have right now. And there's some things that government can do to actually help that."
Johnson's opponent, DFL candidate Tim Walz on the other hand, is pushing for a buy-in plan with Minnesota's current public health option, also known as MinnesotaCare, which he talked about in his debate with Johnson on August 17.
"As governor of Minnesota, I want to move us beyond this discussion of insurance reform of 'some are worthy, some are not' and start focusing on those indicators of reducing cost," said Walz in the Aug. 17 debate.
Johnson believes too many people using a government-funded insurance option is detrimental to medical facilities and their operating costs.
"Walz's plan is going to mean a lot more people are on MinnesotaCare now, and many fewer people are on private insurance, which spells disaster for hospitals and clinics throughout the state," said Johnson.

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