Business and Entrepreneurship are two subjects that often go hand in hand.

In the Mankato Public School Pathways Series, students get ample to market a product, practice public speaking and even develop their own business.

"We learn a lot about what kind of marketing strategies we should use and today we are actually doing a sales demo that we will help promote a product that we have a lot of passion for and we're learning how to be an effective sales member as well as how to be a better communicator," said Mankato East Senior Hannah Weng.

The students who take advantage of these classes have a leg up on the competition by the time they get to college.

"It gives you a great experience of public speaking and creative problem solving that you wouldn't normally get in many high school courses," explained Mankato East Senior Will Slunecka.

The entrepreneur side of things is where it gets really interesting.

Students formed groups to create actual businesses which were officially recognized by Greater Mankato Growth with a ribbon cutting today.

"It has helped me because the events I'm in require you to start your own business and I want to be an entrepreneur once I reach college," added Slunecka.  "So it's helped me experience that and experience the steps necessary to take as well as compete against others trying to do the same thing."

One group sells decal stickers for cars.

Another group distributes devices that allow a phone to charge and be plugged into headphones at the same time.

--KEYC News 12