A young man's dream of becoming a United States Marine is about to come true after overcoming an obstacle many Americans struggle with.

Just eight months ago, Tyler Nelson weighed 367 pounds. He was told he needed to be no more than 246 pounds to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.

Now, Nelson is shipping out to San Diego for boot camp in December, weighing in at 220 pounds.
"I'm truly amazed and humbled to actually be able to work hand–in–hand with Tyler Nelson," said Sergeant Ramiro Trevino, who recruited Nelson. "We didn't know how much commitment or dedication he was going to put into it at the beginning. We knew it was something to accomplish together as a team.
For Tyler, that's all it comes down to effort and patience.
"When I first started, didn't feel like going to the gym, but I went," said Nelson. "I went two or three times a day, I still go two or three times a day and I haven't looked back since."
Complete Nutrition in Mankato was able to help guide Tyler on his journey by constructing a diet plan and constantly monitoring his progress.
"If we would have talked about this eight months ago, I wouldn't have guessed this was where we'd be at," said Garrett Mensing, Store Manager at Complete Nutrition. "He (like Sgt. Trevino said), just showed an incredible amount of dedication and commitment, you don't see that in a lot of people. I'm just glad we got to be a part of it."
Tyler says his dream of being a U.S. Marine began as a way to honor his grandpa, who served and was injured during his time in the Marines in the Vietnam War.

After Nelson's mother and grandmother passed away in recent years, he wanted to challenge himself.
"Be the best me, be a part of something bigger. Not just that lame kid that goes to work and does nothing with his life, I want to be a part of something bigger, better. Be that leader that people see," said Nelson.
Tyler's superiors originally had planned his recruit training for March, but his extraordinary effort to reach his goal has him leaving four months early to begin serving his country.

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