The 36th annual GreenSeam Legislative Forum was a chance for farmers, lawmakers, educators and students to come together to discuss the future of agriculture and Ag business.
"Going through some of the issues that we think are important to the farmers in the area. We're going to talk about everything from educating the next generation of farmers to rural roads, rural bridges to trade," host of AgriTalk and the forum's emcee, Chip Flory said.
"We need to shout out to South Central College and the other local educational institutions that encourage their students to come because it's really important for them to see what kind of influence they can make on our economy and this is a great first step for them," Chair of the GreenSeam Board of Governors and CEO of Pioneer Bank David Krause said.

The event was just another way the GreenSeam creates exposure for our area agriculture. Among the topics discussed: what they see as progress for the next farm bill, the impact of the ongoing trade dispute with China and what it takes to train the next generation of farmers.

--KEYC News 12