(MANKATO, Minn) - If there were any time to get your kids into skiing or snowboarding, it's this week. For anyone ages 12 and under, Mount Kato is giving out a free lift ticket plus discounted rentals and lessons. No experience required.
"We'll start children as young as three years old, but ideally going into that 8, 9, 10 years–of–age range, when they have the motor skills, some muscular strength," said Director of Alpine Services John Romberg. "That's really when they can take off and really start either skiing or snowboarding."
During the lessons from ski instructors, kids will learn how to stop, skate on their skis, and hopefully be ready for a hill by the end of the day.
"We're out here because we love the sport of skiing and snowboarding," said instructor Jonathan Trzepkowski. "We get to be out here doing what we love and introducing the next generation of kids who want to do what we do."
"I've been skiing for about five years and I definitely want to share the love of the sport," said instructor Grant Haggerty. "I want to get other kids to enjoy it. It's just awesome, I love it."
For many parents, this free week of skiing is a great time to capitalize on a cherished pastime.
"For me, it was a family tradition. I grew up skiing. I just kind of wanted him to get used to some of the winter sports here in Minnesota," said Cassi Wanous, whose son was taking a lesson on the hill. "It's a good thing for muscle building and for friendships as he gets older to come out skiing with friends and buddies."
Kids age 12 and under will still be able to get that free lift ticket and discounts all throughout the rest of the weekend.

----KEYC News 12