A new after school program in Mankato is combining martial arts and cognitive learning. Known as the After School Ninjas program, the martial arts based program kicks off January 2. 
"The main backbone of this program is martial arts because of all the positive stuff your kids will get from it. You get the confidence increase, you get to learn how to manage your stress better too," says co-owner of the program, Tim Flynn.

Everything from homework to karate is covered in a four-hour span.
"We're not tutors or anything like that, but we can help them. How nice is it to have parents after they get off work, to have their kids' homework done so they can spend time with their kids," says fellow co-owner of the program, Rusty Allison.

The program runs from 2:30 to 6:00 p.m. and follows schools' schedules.

"We actually follow the ISD 77 School District schedule, so if school is in session, then we will go and pick the kids up after school and make sure we have staff on site if necessary," says Allison.

Their goal is to be a place for students to relax after school.

"We just want kids to have fun. They have a long, stressful day at school. They get out of school, they're tired, we understand that. We want to get them going with their snack, do our martial arts training activities for the day, then have them go in the kid cave at the end of the day," says Flynn.

As of earlier today they have five spots left in the program housed at the Holy Rosary Parish Center on Grant Avenue in North Mankato.

"We just had our open house last night and we're getting a lot of packets in so hurry up and sign up quickly," says Flynn.

In an effort to give back, they're donating money to schools in the area as well.

To register, you can either call or text 507-508-9818, or click the link attached.