MANKATO-- Saving money tops the list of resolutions that Americans have for the year.

A new study from Marcus by Goldman Sachs says 59 percent of Americans are choosing a financial resolution this year.

First National Bank in Mankato's Retail Banking Vice President Jay Buboltz said one of the best ways to save is to set up an account specifically for that purpose.

"You know if you get in the habit of actually just making a deposit every paycheck and trying to keep that as a separate account, and maybe only use it as an emergency account if you need to," said Buboltz.

" And try to save up and have that as a side account, maybe just put in the back of your mind, and always have that automatic transfer going into that account." 

Experts said savings accounts accumulate interest overtime, and if untouched they can add up quickly depending on your bank.

-- KEYC News 12