GREATER MANKATO AREA-- While it might be the first thing that comes to mind, using your phone behind the wheel is not the only thing that is considered distracted driving.

There are three forms of distracted driving: physical, visual and cognitive distractions. 

Physical distractions are things that require you to remove your hands from the steering wheel, visual distractions are things that take your eyes off of the road, and cognitive distractions are things that occupy your mind, pulling your attention on the road.

Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office Cpt. Paul Barta said some of the most common distractions include reaching to change the radio station, looking down at your phone or even turning to speak to others in the vehicle.
 "In Minnesota about one in five crashes has a correlation to distracted driving," said Barta.

" And in a four-year period from 2012 to 2016, there were about 60 fatalities per year, and over 200 serious or life-threatening injury crashes that were correlated to distracted driving."

Barta said if you have a passenger in the vehicle, to let them assist with navigation and other things. Otherwise, wait until you can safely pull over to grab anything. 
The consequences for distracted driving vary, but if someone ends up injured or worse, criminal charges may come into play.

-- KEYC News 12