As the government shutdown enters its 20th day, Senator Tina Smith spoke on the Senate floor about the impacts facing Minnesota families during the federal government shutdown.

"I mean the stories really get at how, when you miss a paycheck you can't pay your bills and it is a big deal for families," Senator Tina Smith said.
Senator Smith is calling on her Republican colleagues and the President to recognize people are hurting.
"I read some stories from some of the air traffic controllers that work in airports in Minnesota and it really just drives home how this shutdown is wasteful, it is unnecessary and it is increasingly harmful to Minnesota families," Sen. Smith added.
Smith wants to see agencies like the Department of Justice and Agriculture that aren't receiving funding, brought back up and running.
"We need to keep the pressure on and really, there's no excuses for not funding these agencies that provide important things like FHA loans for people who are wanting to finalize their mortgages and farmers that are looking to borrow working capital for the upcoming growing season and prison guards in Rochester and Sandstone who aren't getting paid and still doing their job. It's ridiculous that people, like these people in Minnesota are being used as a bargaining chip for something that is completely separate from their lives which is this border wall which isn't even a good use of taxpayer dollars," Sen. Smith said.
Sen. Smith says she'll continue to speak out and talk with both sides, adding she hopes this dialogue ends the shutdown as soon as possible.

--KEYC News 12.