NEW ULM-- Food Friday is back and in this week's episode we visit a restaurant full of flavor and family!

Lakes on 1st is a family-owned restaurant located in the New Ulm, a city recently voted "The Best City to Live in Minnesota and the 10th Best City to live in the United States, by USA Today. 

Owners Mike and Lois Bode and their very nice family have ensured that their restaurant is full of homemade goods and hospitality.

Manager and daughter Chelsey Bode said the business opened about four to five years ago, picking a name that hit close to home. 
"The name comes from my oldest son Laken," said Chelsey.

"When my dad was looking at opening the business, he kind of dabbled around with a couple of different names,  and lakes on first just kind of stuck."

Chelsey said they are also located on First North Street downtown, so the first came from that as well.

Mike had the idea to open the business for a while, working at a job that he liked but did not love. 

"Always something that I wanted to do, never really had the time when it was right and stuff," said Mike.

"And just decided that I think it's time, either I'm going to do it or I'm not going to do it, so yeah I'm glad that I did it."
Lakes on First is a quaint place, seating 28 comfortably, but that is how they like it, giving them a chance to really get to know their customers and joke with their many visiting family members. 
"Everyone that comes in you get to know, so like I said we have family that comes in, but also our customers have become our family," said Chelsey.

"We have like our coffee group that comes in every single morning, I don't think that there's a morning that they have not come in."
Good company is always nice but great homemade, fresh, never frozen food is what really keeps the customers coming back and the owners understand that.

They have a savory Trotter Biscuit, six-ounce chicken patty with homemade gravy and a biscuit on top. As well as a "Big O' Omelet," also found on their breakfast menu, with just about everything you could put in an omelet.

In the lunch portion is a healthy and satisfying Harvest Cobb Salad with: apples, bleu cheese, pears, eggs, pecans and bacon served with a bread stick.

 But one item you'll hear about during your visit is everyone's go to burger, "Phil's Favorite," named after their talented cook Phillip Lund.
"It's fresh ground beef, pulled pork, bacon, and we use our lake sauce and top it off with onion rings," said Lund, who was ecstatic to have a burger named after him. 

" It's gratifying, it's different, I got some food named after me," chuckled Lund. 
At the end of the day, the family wants everyone to know they are here to bring you homemade food and memorable moments, from a town where everyone gets along.

 -- KEYC News 12