MANKATO, MN - The Mankato Family YMCA is offering new specialty yoga classes for both adults and kids.

The first is a restorative yoga class that will be available on Wednesdays and Sundays.  This type of yoga focuses on relaxation and the mind-body balance.
Stephanie Fischer, director of healthy living said, "When it comes to our health, actually, how often and how well we relax is just as important as what we eat and how often we exercise.  It's really the balance to the rest of that."
On Mondays, the 'Y' will be offering a kid's yoga class for 6 to 8 year olds and a tween yoga class for kids up to 11 years old.
"It is designed for their developmental age.  So, it's only a 30 minute class.  It kind of takes them through a story and the instructors are specifically trained in that.  Don't think of it as an adult yoga class that your kids will be trying to focus.  It's meant for kids, it's designed for them." Fischer said.
Registration is required for these classes and there is an additional fee to participate.