Mankato, Minn.-- With over 150 breweries across the state, Minnesota has become a hotbed for craft beer enthusiasts.

With Mankato Brewery celebrating its 7th anniversary this month, has the beer craze taken off in the area?
"Absolutely. It's been crazy. It's not just here in Mankato. Look at the surrounding areas. You've got Lost Sanity down in Madelia. Montgomery Brewery is only 30 minutes away. Of course you got Schell's over in New Ulm." said craft beer expo owner Mark Opdahl, "The local community down here love their craft beer and it shows."

The event has been sold out from the second expo on and the same this year.

David Janssen and his friends came out for a third time.
"We've been having a great time." said Janssen, "We enjoy making new friends and wearing fun outfits."

Locale Brewery, which opened in the fall, used the event to let people try some new brews.
"We've got two new beers, just Craft Beer Expo specials." said Jim Parejko, who co-owns the brewery with his wife Lauren, "It's been fun. People have really enjoyed it."

With Mankato's brewery scene on the rise, what styles are most popular?

"I think the older style beers are kind of going away and things like sour beers are popular." Opdahl said, "Hazy IPAs were the rave this last year."

"The sours from Schell's are amazing." Janssen said.

The event allowed people to try beers from over 45 breweries throughout the country.

While beer is in the name and center of the event, Opdahl says it's more than just about fermented beverages.

"But that's not what it's all about. It's about spending a day with your friends and family and the people you care most about. Just having fun. Trying a bunch of new beers." Opdahl said, "Maybe beers you've had before or beers you haven't had before. Just a great chance to have a good time. That's what it comes down to, it's a good time first."

Libations and conversations were enjoyed at another successful showcase of Minnesota's best breweries.

--KEYC News 12.