(MANKATO, Minn) - It's the beginning of a new year, meaning diets are increasing in popularity. One in particular has become very common.

The ketogenic diet calls for significantly reducing the amount of carbohydrate intake. A keto diet is used for a wide range of things in the general population - mostly weight loss. 

In the clinical world, it's used to treat a wide range of things, specifically seizures and it's being studied on how it affects certain brain cancers like glioblastoma. 

Experts say the diet isn't for everyone and those trying it should consult a Dietitian, as some nutrition values can be reduced by lowering your carb intake with any diet.
"Generally as we cut carbohydrates out of our diet we're starting to cut milk out of our diet, we cut fruit out of our diet, we cut greens out of our diet and most of the time it's pretty challenging to find foods that fit within that category in a daily basis and not to mention when we cut those foods out we also cut nutrients out of our diet, specifically calcium. A good source of our calcium comes from dairy products or dairy substitutes well a lot of the dairy products that we have, have carbohydrate in them so it's not realistically sustainable which is why people struggle to keep the weight off after they cut out it out of their diet," Mayo Clinic Health Systems Registered Dietitian Grace Fjeldberg said.
She adds it's more realistic to cut carbohydrates out of our diet that aren't the healthiest for us. Like replacing white breads and pasta with whole-grain versions and cutting back on candy and soda.

--KEYC News 12