NORTH MANKATO, MN - South Central Service Cooperative has been helping districts find new leadership for 10 years.

Hiring a superintendent involves two rounds of interviews, with the school board and a group made up of educators and citizens.

Retired New Ulm School Superintendent Harold Remme said, "[It's] Very important for the superintendent to be a good communicator. Someone who has financial experience, financial knowledge. Someone who understands the process that involves the K-12 education system its self and someone who has skills that bring people together again."

A good superintendent candidate should also have the right personality for the job.

"One of the intangibles, also in the process is finding the person who is the right fit.  Many people will have the skills and the experience, but you also have to have the right personality for whatever that community really needs," Remme said.

The search for a school superintendent can be lengthy. It can take 2 or 3 months to find and hire the right person.

"We do recruit some candidates that we're familiar with. That we feel would be a good fit again for that community and encourage them to apply that's up to them to apply, but we surely encourage them to apply if we feel that they'd have those characteristics." He said.

While candidates from inside the state may have an edge, qualified educators from other states have a good shot at the position.

"Iowa would most likely have some candidates because of its location, in Blue Earth. Wisconsin and South Dakota, all three of those we generally will have someone that applies from there."

As of today, Mankato Area Public Schools has not reached out to South Central Service Cooperative to conduct their search for a new superintendent.

--KEYC News 12