The University of Minnesota Southern Research and Outreach Center hosted their annual Winter Crop Days a seminar which focuses on production agriculture with an emphasis on crop and soil science.

Every year researchers and scientists with the Southern Research and Outreach Center choose topics to discuss based on needs they're hearing from farmers. A portion of this year's session highlighted all aspects of cover crop management.
"There's a lot of interest on the farm about trying to do something to protect our exposed soil through the seasons that we don't typically have ground cover. Late October, November into December and put together March and April when our soils are subject to loss through wind and water and rain, all those elements. We're looking at methods that maybe farmers could protect their soils a little bit more and thereby maintain their production far into the future," S.R.O.C. Scientist Tom Hoverstad said.
The other half of the program focused on potassium as it's concerned in crop nutrition and soil test methods. Farmers appreciate Winter Crop Days because it allows them a chance to talk with their dealer and make future plans on what's best for their operation.
"Lot of times the decisions on what fertility to apply are made in the late summer or early fall, right before the harvest season. But in the winter time when growers have time it's a great time for them to review soil test levels, look at their maps, look at their prescription maps kind of start their planning for the next growing season which in this case would actually be 2020, because they'll probably make those decisions for 2020 in late 2019. So this information that we're providing today is to really help them better understand what those soil tests means and what those nutrient needs are," S.R.O.C. Researcher Jeff Vetsch said.
--KEYC News 12