Mankato, Minn.-- So far Mankato has enjoyed a mild winter.

But this morning the snow plows and shovels were out in full force.

Snow removal is more than just for appearance.
"Of course people want to clear their driveways with the blowers but safety," said C&S manager David Page. "We got to keep the snow off the concrete and asphalt for safety."

At Blue Line Sharpening and Sales, the owners were out cleaning their lot for customers.
"We decided we'd shovel a little at a time so we didn't have to do it all at once," said owner of Blue Line Sharpening and Sales Linda Johnson. "We're out here getting our aerobic exercise."

One man had some helping hands at home to clear his driveway.
"Try to get the kids out with the shovels and pile it up and get the snow blower out for that," said Robert Theobold. "You know what it's like. Fun. Fun."

Theobald traveled from Owatonna to Mankato to check on his parents. He says the weekend will consist of some snow shoveling.

"Oh I'm sure we'll end up having to," Theobold said. "Absolutely." 

At C&S Supply winter prep supplies have flown off the shelves.

"Shovels would be number one," Page said. "We sold out of snow blowers this year. A lot of clothing. A lot of heavy clothing."

C&S' top selling pusher shovel helps make the task easier.

Page warns those shoveling to be cautious and not to over-exert yourself.

"Just be careful out there on the ice and snow," urged Page. "There's a hazard to it so you got to be careful."

For many, the task may be cumbersome.

"It's kinda cold," said Johnson. "My hands are getting cold. I should get back to work."

For others, it's just part of the winter experience.

"You live in Minnesota you got to love it. You got to embrace it," concluded Theobold.

--KEYC News 12.