Mankato, Minn.-- Republican Jim Hagedorn was sworn in earlier this month as the congressional representative for southern Minnesota's 1st district

"I look forward to working with everyone." said Hagedorn, "Republican, Democrat."

After more than three terms of campaigning, his persistence paid off.

The Blue Earth native not only follows in his father's footsteps of working in Congress, but also inherits the same office.

Despite the excitement of winning, he relishes the opportunity to get started.

"Going to continue to do what we said." Hagedorn said, "We're going to try to keep the country safe, make us strong, get the government off your backs and reform the federal government so we can keep the economy expanding. We're going to protect your basic constitutional rights."

And he could have a big hand in the future of southern Minnesota farmers as he joins the US House Committee on Agriculture to help tackle challenges facing farmers and rural communities.

"So I think we can do something good here for the people of southern Minnesota." said Hagedorn, "Represent their views and values."

With Congress at a divisive standstill, the representative remains optimistic he can carry out his main objectives.

"We stand for the big ideas." Hagedorn stated, "Keep the country safe, make us prosperous, reform the government, protect our basic rights and parochially do what we can for farmers and the people at the Mayo Clinic and other fine institutions of medicine to make sure they're in good shape."

Raised on a farm in Truman, he promotes economic development to sustain the rural way of life, which has been strained in recent years.

"We're seeing issues with childcare, housing. We're seeing workforce issues." said Hagedorn, "All those types of things we want to work on with our community leaders, the local state legislators and make sure we do everything that we can to help the people of southern Minnesota."

The George Mason grad who worked for the Department of the Treasury got married in December and plans to live in his hometown.

He says he's fully aware of the enormity of the job and the area.

"Big district. Just going to stay out there. Keep shaking hands." concluded Hagedorn, "Listening to people and then trying to reflect their views and values.

--KEYC News 12.