Kasota, MN --- Nicollet County Trail Association held its second radar run for snowmobile, ATV and cycling enthusiasts.
Competitors bundled up to brave the cold weather that definitely didn't slow them down.
"We have classes for different sized snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATV's and they run down a 1,000 ft track and then we have 1500 ft of shutdown so they can safely slow it down. As they go by the radar gun, we check their speed and their speed then determines what position they are in if they are first, second or third in the class that they are in," says Nicollet County Trail Coordinator, Kenny Johnson.
"Now we're gonna' go check the scoreboard again and go wait until the white trailer comes," says young competitor, Madeline Milbradt.

Funds in this competition go towards the Nicollet County Trail Association's efforts in trail upkeep.

"We get signs through the Department of Natural Resources or other companies that make the signs. We put up 150 miles of trail in Nicollet county so putting those signs in, taking them out, maintaining those signs and then grooming the trail," says Johnson.

They set aside their competitive side every once in a while to have a little fun too.

"We also do a fun run which is coming up February 16th at Hobber's in St. Peter and that is just a ride where we all get together and trail ride and then we do a fundraiser there as well and that's in memory of all of our lost riders," says Johnson.

And the best part about these events for Madeline, other than spending time with her dad...

"That it can go fast and when you press it down on the throttle really hard, it can go as fast as it can," says Madeline.

The Nicollet County Trail Association's events are truly a family affair.