(MADISON LAKE, Minn) - The cold couldn't keep eager anglers off the ice Monday.

53 anglers, 200 holes drilled in the ice, three Minnesota Twins, temperatures below zero and plenty of fish to catch all set the scene for a quintessential winter day in the North Star State.
"This is Minnesota, we deal with the cold conditions, that sort of stuff, it's not a big deal. It's windy on the lake I'm not going to pretend that," said Dan McCargar with Radio Mankato. "The manager is in town, we've got a great pitcher, great outfielder here today. The Twins' Winter Caravan at the Kato Ballroom should be a lot of fun. We're really excited, we've got a great group of people out there fishing hopefully we'll get a bunch of fish today."
Veteran anglers on the ice Monday were all set to battle the elements.
"We'll be inside the fish house, I've got heater in there so we'll be good and warm," said Ryan Kennedy, a tournament participant.
For others, ice fishing is a whole new ball game.
"It's weird for me, a young kid from Puerto Rico, I walked over the lake, it's a different experience for us," said Twins Pitcher José Berríos.

"Wow, it's freezing, I don't feel my face. Whew!" said Twins Outfielder Eddie Rosario.
Organizers were sure to be extra vigilant with ice safety.
"Our bay over here is extremely safe for ice," said Mari Tacheny, Manager of the Landing on Madison, which was the host venue for the event. "We did have those vehicles go in yesterday but we're very confident that it's totally safe on our end."
Monday's event wasn't just about fishing, Mankato Area Youth Baseball and Radio Mankato partnered together, giving kids a chance to meet new manager Rocco Baldelli and players José Berríos and Eddie Rosario.
"A lot of kids coming out to the event, it's just a great time to get up close and personal with the Twins players and their new manager," said MAYBA General Manager Alan Kiefer.
Just half-an-hour into the tournament, anglers already had at least five fish in the well, surpassing last year's total of one.

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