Federated Insurance is a mutual insurance company that covers 49 states in the U.S.

With the company experiencing exponential growth, it was time to expand.

So when the Owatonna–based business noticed a nice building in Mankato that was about to be empty they had to jump at the chance.

"The Mankato community has been extremely welcoming, generous and hospitable," said Julie Rethemeier of Federated Insurance. "That part has been absolutely amazing and so we want to make sure that we are absolutely great neighbors in that respect."

Federated Insurance began business in Mankato yesterday.

With 36 brand new employees starting Monday to accompany 10 seasoned vets, this company's goal is to ultimately employ 200 people in the Mankato area.

"Federated has seen phenomenal growth," added Rethemeier.  "Owatonna, Minnesota is our corporate headquarters. We have employees all across the country.  We have 2,500 employees all across the country.  1,500 which is in Owatonna. We are seeing phenomenal growth and we really needed to look at where we could continue to expand."

Federated had plenty of options to choose from when choosing a new location.

So why Mankato?

"For a lot of reasons. Location being one, the proximity to Owatonna, the relationships and connections we already have are key and the facility was a great opportunity for us as well so there were a lot of other factors that played in but all have proven to be exactly the right choice."

The building is still being arranged the way Federated likes it, but the heavy lifting is done for the most part.

--KEYC News 12