Mankato, MN --- The winter weather didn't keep youth wrestlers from spending a day on the mats at the Mankato East Youth Wrestling Tournament.
Young wrestlers braved the weather to take to the mats to throw out some of their favorite moves and spend time with their teammates.
"We've done this tournament for around 12 years now and seems like this weekend we always get some iffy weather. Some days we'll have really beautiful days and some days we'll get a foot of snow," says Mankato East Wrestling head coach Jon Dierks.

"And you gotta' be willing to roll with it and you know the numbers were pretty good for the turnout for what we had for the weather so we're pretty proud of it," says Dierks.

Funds raised at the tournament go right back into the Mankato East wrestling program.

"It goes for things like wrestling mats and singlets and things like that for our varsity programs and hopefully that trickles down into the youth programs a little bit too because they get to use those wrestling mats and everything else for practices," says Dierks.

Wrestlers are there to put their skills to the test, and as Jamisen Frederickson says, who fought his way through a high scoring match...

"I just use whatever I can at anytime," says the young New Ulm wrestler. 

And the winning isn't everything but...

"Yeah, it feels awesome," says Frederickson.

The future of varsity wrestling programs in the area lie within youth wrestling.

"There's some kids in my varsity, and now they're varsity seniors, that I've seen come in as kindergartners so that's definitely... it's fun to see that start to finish," says Dierks, "obviously there's some kids you lose along the way that you wish would stay with it too, but it's fun to see the kids that stick it out and if they're there from the start and they finish they're usually gonna' be pretty good wrestlers by the time they're done."