MANKATO, MN - A local artist loves bright colors and now she's making a name for herself after winning a statewide contest with her work.
Quinn Metcalfe, the contest winner said, "Pink and Purple is my favorite colors.  That's all I can say, they're my most favorite, favorite colors."

She has been drawing for her entire life.
"I love doing art. That's why I made this in my department because I really love rainbows and I love different colors and I did art since I was little and I love doing art still." Metcalfe said.

Despite being legally blind, she uses the light she can see as inspiration.

"I can actually see the colors but it kind of reminds me of like a sunset, like when the sun goes down at a certain time of night.  That's why I drew it is because it reminds me of the sunset and sunsets are really pretty." She said.

Metcalf and several of her friends at MRCI entered a statewide contest to design a button that will be worn at the 'Disability Day At The Capital' event on March 12th in St. Paul.  The event is aimed at making lawmakers aware of issues that impact the disabled.
Tami Reuter, chief business and marketing officer for MRCI said, "We actually had a significant number of our clients respond with amazing designs and we actually joked that we were glad that we didn't have to make the choice. They actually chose the winning design and we are just so honored that Quinn's was chosen."

After finding out that she had won, Metcalf celebrated with her friends.

"Oh my gosh, they were so, so, so happy.  They were clapping and saying 'congratulations Quinn' and they were just like clapping their hands.  They gave me hugs and we had a cookie cake." Said Metcalf.

She has a lot planned for her future.

"Work with children, do fun things and learn more independence."

Everyone at MRCI is proud to see her artwork make such an impact.

"I want to tell you guys, thank you so much for being my friends!" Metcalf said, addressing the break room at MRCI.  The break room then erupted in applause and cheers.