South Central College's Culinary Arts students just returned from their study abroad to the Basque Region of Spain and France. Now, they're ready to show off what they learned.
The students visited three different culinary schools ... seeing how kitchens in other countries operate while learning a variety of techniques they will carry with them into their careers.
"It's just a vastly different culture and I'm really happy that I was there because I learned a lot. They use a lot of different ingredients that we don't normally use. I don't normally get to use squid here but I used it I think four or five different times over there."
"Especially the school in France we learned a lot about pastries from the chocolate chef and from the pastry chefs and bread making chefs, we learned a lot about different techniques."
"I think it was really cool to see how much they use the food that's around them. They have a lot of seafood dishes. Over here we have a little bit of everything so it was cool to see how much they use the resources that they have near them."
The students soon learned that food is understandable in any language.
"I know when I was working in France, I couldn't understand the guy at all. He gave me very specific instructions but didn't speak a lick of English but he was a very good visual demonstrator and I knew how to roll dough for making bread so everything he was doing, I knew how to do so even though we couldn't speak to each other, I knew exactly how to make everything."
"When they realized that I have no idea what they're saying at all, then they just use their hands to show me and that's a big learning experience in the kitchen because telling someone is one thing but showing them for them to actually experience it themselves makes all the more difference."
"That was a great learning experience for me to just take that part of it out and just really focus on the techniques that they were doing and that was really valuable because that's something I will use for years and my entire career."
They'll reveal what they've learned at Savor ... a gourmet food and wine experience at Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery this Thursday.
"Savor is just kind of an event where we get to play around with what we've learned over the years and feed people. That's what we do, that's what we love as chefs is to be creative and innovative and use those techniques that we've learned and to make people happy with food."

--KEYC News 12