A history teacher back in high school opened Chris Schlueter's eyes to possibly becoming a teacher himself someday.

When he got to college, Schlueter had made his decision based on what he liked to do.

"Just a love for learning new things and learning about the past," explained Social Studies Teacher Chris Schlueter.

Schlueter began his career as an at–risk teacher, he then moved to the special education department before beginning his current job as a social studies teacher where he has become known for a special teaching method.

"I'm always assessing," said Schlueter.  "I'm always quizzing my students and making sure that they are evaluated as to what they know."

With quizzes at least every other day, this class has to be boring and stressful, right?

"He tries to make it fun," explained student Selena Taribay. "He has energy some days and will just have jokes that are pretty funny."

Mr. Schlueter finds different ways to connect to various students whether that's cracking a joke, asking them about their day or helping them with homework, the process of establishing a connections always begins the same.

"It starts at the door," said Schlueter.  "It starts when they walk in.  You make eye contact, say good morning, greet them and then as you start your class it's part of that warm–up, it's part of that eye contact and circulating around the room and making sure your taking a moment to ask how they are doing."

This teacher of 25–years loves to teach his class about the early 1800's, especially the fur trade and westward expansion.

--KEYC News 12