UPDATE:  The Minnesota House has voted to ban vaping from bars, restaurants and workplaces statewide.

The House approved the ban 100-25 in a move aimed partly at reversing the growing popularity of e-cigarettes among young people.

The bill would restrict the use of e-cigarettes wherever tobacco smoking is currently banned under the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act, which covers most public buildings and workplaces.

Supporters hope the bill will now get a hearing in the Senate.


PREVIOUS: The Minnesota House votes today on a bill that would strengthen the state's clean indoor air law.

The bipartisan bill expands the definition of smoking. It would restrict the use of e-cigarettes in bars, restaurants and other places where smoking is prohibited.

The expanded definition would also cover tobacco products on the market right now and new products that may emerge in the future, including those that contain marijuana or synthetic nicotine.

The vote takes place at 3:30 this afternoon at the state capitol.

--KEYC News 12