NORTH MANKATO-- Housing developments, changing climates, pesticides, and a lack of habitat are creating problems for some local honey bee farms.

Moody Bees Honey Owner Kaylee Moody from Madelia said the biggest factors hampering the bee population in our region include plowed fields and pesticides, which she said create health risks for the bees and other native pollinators.

"And that's not allowing a lot of food for the bees, and so they're left to places like river bottoms and the little patchwork prairies, that we have around here," said Moody.

" Then also the road ditches but road ditches are heavily sprayed [with pesticides], or usually mowed, or bailed, and so this basically leaves the bees with absolutely no food."

Moody said if people can plant more flowers and try to avoid chemicals at all costs, it would help the bee population grow.

-- KEYC News 12