On top of bus struggles, supplies are dwindling and even gone in many places across our area. 

Arrow Ace Hardware in St. Peter sold their last sump pump this afternoon, an hour and a half after a truckload was delivered.

"People are in a panic, there's no sandbags to be found anywhere. Our Ace warehouse is out, our neighboring stores in town are out. Some are buying extra pumps. One gentleman said that every 30 seconds his pump is cycling so he's afraid that with the water that it's going to not work," Arrow Ace Hardware employee Rose Rustman said.
They're hopeful to have a new shipment of supplies on Monday.
"That's stressful because you know that they need them and a lot of people have been all over Mankato already, they've been all over. The last sump pump went to a lady from Le Center, Minnesota. Happy as heck that she could get it," Rustman added.

For the first time in as long as anyone can remember Le Sueur-Henderson Schools have pulled their school buses from traveling on gravel roads.

"Some of my very experienced drivers calling in a little shaken up about how the roads are. Had a couple stuck yesterday and just for the safety of the kids we decided to stay on blacktop only. It's an ice rink out there or it's just pudding as the driver said or it's like driving through pudding the buses are sinking," Le Sueur-Henderson Transportation Manager Kris Stivers said.
They had to re-route the entire district and are making mass or community stops for those on gravel roads.
"I even have drivers that live on gravel roads and they're having to bring their four-wheel-drive trucks in, they're not even in their cars because their cars are going to be stuck. The parents in the district that live out in the gravels have been very understanding because they're not able to get to their house either," Stivers added.
They'll reevaluate the roads next week for passage.

Waseca Public Schools are also limiting bus travel to black top after three buses and the vehicles to pull them out went into the ditch Wednesday. Even the Waseca County Sheriff is warning many county and township gravel roads are in poor condition. Students who are unable to attend will be given an excused absence.

--KEYC News 12.