Brilliant young minds converged on Minnesota State University-Mankato for their 5th annual Big Ideas Challenge.

The Big Ideas Challenge is sort of like the show Shark Tank, but rather than looking for investments, entrepreneurs aim to impress judges to win.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category can win anywhere from $2,000-$5,000 dollars, which would then go to their business.

Winners from past Big Ideas Challenges have gone on to get in big box stores, grocery stores and many remain in business today.

“One of the winners from last year, Coconut Whisk, sent us a video we are going to be showing to the presentation today, they went on to get their products in Hy-Vee, they started mass production and they are going to be going to more Hy-Vee stores around the country and so the money they got from Big Idea Challenge really helped them get to that next step," explained Director for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Yvonne Cariveau.

“What it really says about our students is A. They have really great ideas. B. They work hard and take initiation and C. This is real for them," added Dean of the College of Business Brenda Flannery. "This is not just a class exercise that was for a grade, this is about our students having ideas, and they don’t want to wait.”

Good luck to all students competing.

--KEYC News 12