Typically, you would see Reggie the Rebel at a football game or a pep rally, but now he is the face for a cause as well: Reggie's Locker.

Reggie's Locker is a one–stop shop where students in need of hygiene products, ranging from toothpaste to deodorant, can come and get the items they need to take care of their bodies.

"The response has been very positive thus far," explained Community Education Coordinator Laura Foley. "The donations we have received already have exceeded my expectations because we haven't really promoted a whole lot yet because we started in February."

As the number of children on the free and reduced lunch programs continues to increase all across the region, these counselors and social workers definitely noticed a need that they could help fill.

"Every year all ages we have students that struggle with getting their basic hygiene needs met," added United South Central Counselor Kayt Klemek. "It can be an embarrassment and a struggle for them. Myself, we're social workers, we see students and families everyday with this concern and the prices are expensive and just the access so we really felt we needed something here."

As far as leaders can tell, Reggie's Locker will be here to stay at United South Central.

This means students will always have access to the basic hygiene products they need.

"The students and the parents that we've talked to so far are really loving this program. I'll walk into my office and there will be a bag there with donations and I don't know who it's from. It's really exciting to see that if people have the means to donate they do and if they have the need for it, it's there," said Klemek.

The school is off to a fantastic start as it had boxes stuffed with hygiene products for both girls and boys.

Reggie's Locker is funded solely by donations.

--KEYC News 12