BURNSVILLE, Minn. -- Minnesota hasn't given its 10 electoral votes to the Republican nominee since 1972, when the incumbent Richard Nixon was re-elected.

President Trump hopes to change that, speaking to business leaders about taxes Monday afternoon in Burnsville.

"We got something done that is truly historic, largest in history. Over 80% of American families now are receiving that big tax cut," Trump said at Nuss Truck and Equipment in Burnsville.

Trump plans to use the tax bill and the economy to make his case here in Minnesota for the 2020 election.

Blue Earth County's Republican Party chair says the President's Tax Day visit is a message to Minnesotans.
"We have, with our new governor, a lot of new taxes coming on us, which is a complete opposite of what President Trump is supporting," said Willa Dailey, Chair for the Blue Earth County Republican Party. "This is a statement from President Trump that says 'I support you, I support Minnesota Nice, I support the things and the values that make you what you are.'"

Monday marks Trump's third visit to Minnesota since taking office. He spoke in Duluth last June and in Rochester last October.

Blue Earth County's DFL Chair doesn't think his visit will help him flip the state's votes in 2020.
"I think the more he comes and spouts off and lies, the better it is for democrats," said Mark Halverson, Chair for the Blue Earth County DFL Party. "I think (he) offends people every time he opens his mouth, and as far as I'm concerned, he could come here everyday and I think the more he's here, the worse he'll do."

Hundreds of people lined up in anticipation of the president's arrival, both in support, and in protest. Both Blue Earth County party chairs are eager to see what national impact the president's Minnesota visit will carry.

"His sound bites will live on, and I think if people listen to them and compare what he says with reality, they'll see it's another smoke screen and a bunch of lies," Halverson said.

"Because he came so close, I really think he can become the first president since 1972 to win the 2020 (Minnesota) election," Dailey said.

--KEYC News 12