JORDAN-- Minnesota's Largest Candy Store attracts people from far and wide.
If you head north on 169 into Jordan from Mankato, you cannot help but notice a large yellow building that invites your curiosity, Jim's Apple Farm also known as Minnesota's Largest Candy Store.

Manager Robert Wagner said the business has grown exponentially, but it was not always this way. 
"Well Minnesota's largest Candy Store wasn't always Minnesota's Largest Candy Store, our roots are in farming, growing apples, squash, pumpkins, fall ornaments," said Wagner. 
Wagner's dad started their produce business after leaving World War II. The business saw multiple hail storms at previous locations, before the family decided to move to their current location and go beyond produce.

Wagner's daughter said candy would be a great addition, and after a bit of hesitation, Wagner gave in, but they offer so much more. 
"We want grandpas and grandmas or mom and dad to be able to do some other shopping," said Wagner. "In addition to the children coming in for sweets, and certainly mom and dad or grandpa or grandma can come in for sweets as well.
The big yellow store brings everyone to its doors including Kayla Menor, a visitor from South Dakota, who was visiting for Mother's Day weekend.
"I didn't realize how much variety there is," said Menor. "From candy to chips and drink, so that's pretty cool and they have frozen food and meats so that was pretty neat."
Her son Bowen Janish also tagged along, enjoying all of the fun features that make this place a dream for kids.
"He loves the Avengers so he was really happy to see Iron Man and Hulk." said Menor.
For over 40 years this seasonal business has brought in puzzles and treats from all over for people to experience. As they bring in newer items, there is one treat they have had a hard time getting.
"We've failed for about three years in a row now obtaining Russian candies, and it's a multitude of reasons why we haven't been able to pull it off,' said Wagner. 

" But we think we made good solid contact with some folks this winter and we think we can make it happen."  

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store is a staple in the community of Jordan, and although they are known for their candy, they want you to indulge in so much more. 

The business opened back up for the season May 10 and will close again in the winter. 

-- KEYC News 12