MANKATO, MN - It is still a mystery that hasn't been solved. The location of a missing monument in Mankato.

The monument was constructed in 1912 to mark the spot where 38 Dakota warriors were hung in 1862.

Tuesday afternoon, a retired history professor from MSU told the story of the controversial monument and where it may be today.

Professor Melodie Andrews said, "The only thing I'll say is, I don't think it's very far away, okay, and I don't think it's with the Dakota. A lot of reasons to believe that."

The monument was moved several times over the years, even ending up in the parking lot of a gas station. In the early 70s, the city removed the marker and kept it in storage for nearly 20 years. Professor Andrews says former Mankato mayor Stan Christ had the monument taken away and hidden in a secret location.

--KEYC News 12