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  Imelda threatens flooding in Texas

Tropical Storm Imelda has weakened into a tropical depression but still threatens to flood parts of Texas.

  2 Amish men flee after drinking and driving a buggy in Ohio

Police are looking for two Amish men who jumped out of their buggy and ran when an officer tried to stop them for drinking and driving.

  College football fan turns beer money into fundraiser

Football fan decides to donate the money he raised from a sign seen on national television.

  Police search for missing 5-year-old from N.J.

  Trump, California's gov. spar over ideological differences

The Trump administration is trying to find way to exploit California's weaknesses to try to make political points, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said.

  Democrats, Republicans poised to discuss way forward on guns

As Republicans and Democrats discuss gun legislation, President Trump has yet to unveil his stance on the issue.

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  Sandy Hook Promise releases new back-to-school PSA

A chilling back-to-school PSA was released on school shootings.

  Tenn. officers save man who tries to jump off bridge

Tennessee officers saved a man who tried to jump off a bridge.

  Saudis present evidence of Iran’s ties to oil strike

Saudis displayed weapons used in oil facility attacks, saying they’re Iranian.

  Human remains found in storage facility

Pennsylvania State troopers say a tip led them to a body they believe is a woman missing since 2003

  Cops scares partner with fake snake

A video posted to the department’s Facebook page shows an officer sitting in a vehicle while another officer tosses in the scaly accomplice.

  Man says church members tried to pray gay away

An Oklahoma church is under investigation after a man said he was restrained as congregants tried to pray his gay away.

  W. Va. group to take trip to Canada for cheaper insulin

They are planning a trip north of the border to save money on their life-saving medication.

  Man denied alcohol for ALS symptoms

The restaurant owner said her staff was just protecting the business.

  Okla. toddler allegedly given alcohol in Snapchat video

  Mountain lion gets trapped in California home

The young cat was stressed, so it took a nap in the bathroom.

  20 arrested following rash of robberies in downtown Minneapolis

Recent brutal robberies around downtown Minneapolis have many people on edge.

  US oil prices spike after Saudi Arabia attack

An attack on a major global supplier of oil is having a major impact on gas prices here at home.

  Israel votes in second general election in 5 months

Tuesday's vote marks their second showdown of the year between Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz.

  Imelda: Houston fire department prepares for storm

As Houston prepares for Tropical Storm Imelda, officials ask residents to stay home and be safe.

  House committee grills former Trump campaign manager

Corey Lewandowski had a contentious day on Capitol Hill.

  Climber talks about surviving Mt. Rainier fall

A climber credits quick thinking and a lot of luck that he survived a fall into a crevasse on Mount Rainier.

  Violent robbery caught on camera

  Missing mom found dead, husband arrested

A warrant was issued for Michael Jones' arrest early Monday after the body of his wife, Casei Jones, was found near Brunswick, Georgia.