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  Man accused of setting mom on fire

Authorities say a 54-year-old man lit his mother on fire, then barricaded himself inside a home for hours, before surrendering.

  NYPD fires officer accused of choking Eric Garner

  Florida man makes mock back to school ads with bulletproof gear

A graphic designer is getting attention for images that look like back-to-school fashion ads, featuring kids in bulletproof gear.

  Florida man swings sword in trash fight

  Trying to get names added to Vietnam Memorial

A woman says seeing her father's name on the memorial will give her family closure.

  Alligator climbs fence near Jacksonville, Fla.

A Florida woman captured images of a gator scaling a fence at Naval Air Station Jacksonville over the weekend.

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  O'Neill: Decision to fire Pantaleo 'not an easy decision'

New York City Police Commissioner James O'Neill made a detailed explanation of the circumstances surrounding the Eric Garner death in 2014.

  Locked Down: Understaffing plagues prisons in America

Understaffing in some of America’s prisons is causing safety concerns for guards, inmates and even the communities surrounding these facilities.

  Dieting app for children concerns parents, health professionals

Weight Watchers is out with a new app aimed at children as young as 8-years-old.

  Army enlistee gets first haircut in 15 years

  Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson marries long-time girlfriend

After 12 years of dating, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is officially off the market!

  Trump, economic advisers downplay recession fears

  Brother, sister meet for first time in 53 years

Jim Lawless flew from Houston to Jackson County, Kentucky, to meet Tracy Walton.

  Suspect arrested after rice cookers cause bomb scare in NYC

  Three potential mass shootings averted

Authorities said three young men in three different instances were stopped in alleged plans for acts of violence.

  10K homeless after fire in Bangladesh

  VIDEO: Florida woman uses racial slur in Publix

  Plane crashes into home in N.Y.

Authorities are trying to investigate what caused the deadly accident, which killed people on the plane and in the home.

  7 people shot at Snapchat house party

A shooting rattled a Houston neighborhood on Saturday.

  Trump's troubles include economy, calls for gun control

"It's not the gun that pulls the trigger. It's the person holding the gun," President Donald Trump said in recent comments about gun control.

  Fla. neighborhood infested with vultures

A neighborhood in Florida is overrun with vultures.

  Portland protests: Proud Boys organizer speaks

  Wis. family finds frog in salad greens

  Gun removed from Philadelphia standoff home

  Planned Parenthood rejects abortion “gag order,” exits Title X program

A new rule under the Trump Administration prohibits health care providers who receive Title X funding from sharing information about abortion services.

  Two dead after plane crashes in New Orleans East

  RAW: Lightning strikes near Horry County guidance counselor leaving school open house

Video courtesy of Romulus McNeill/Horry County Schools