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  Should weather advisories go away?

Confusion in some of the terminology has the National Weather Service looking into changing things up.

  Why you feel 'sticky' when it is humid out

  Greensburg, KS radar loop of tornado

  Morning Convection In Kansas and Missouri

  High Precipitation Supercell (HP Supercell)

Great example of a high precipitation supercell. Notice the entire storm is rotating and the wall cloud is forming east of the heavy precipitation.

  Wall cloud formation

Time-lapse video of a developing wall cloud near Canadian, TX 2015. Watch the left part of the screen towards the end as wall cloud fully forms, notice the spin

  Shelf Cloud

Broken shelf cloud with cloud to ground lightning. This storm was located in north central Nebraska in 2018.

  Night Time Shelf Cloud

Shelf cloud passing over a lake near Jamestown, ND June 5th, 2018. Notice the dust that blows over the lake ahead of the shelf cloud.

  Meteorologist explains how data is collected for use by aviation agencies, weather reporters

If you’ve watched the forecasts from any of our meteorologists over the last few months, you may have noticed that Mankato’s data may have been missing.

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  Lightning nearly strikes passenger plane.

  Two waves of snow looked to impact the Midwest

  Breakdown of fall foliage and changing leaf color

The Mankato area is set up for a vibrant fall due to the moisture through the summer months and the fall colors will peak this weekend.

  Cold Air Funnels Explained

KEYC NEWS 12 Meteorologist Joshua Eckl explains what cold air funnel clouds are and how they form.

  Joshua Eckl's Midday Forecast

  Joshua's Morning Forecast

  Landspout tornado near Terril, IA June 17, 2019