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  Should weather advisories go away?

Over the last decade the National Weather Service has been using the Watch, Warning, and Advisory system (WWA) to alert the public on impactful weather. Confusion in some of the terminology has the National Weather Service looking into changing things up.

National Lightning Safety Awareness week, June 21st to June 27th

Upper level ridge and our hot temperatures

Severe Weather Threat Today, May 26, 2020

Where do rainfall and precipitation reports come from?

  May 4th, 2020 marks the 13 anniversary of the Greensburg, KS tornado

  Another round of severe weather expected across the Central Plains today, May 4th

Continued Coverage

Rainfall monitoring network seeks volunteer members from greater Minnesota

  The difference between a Shelf Cloud and a Wall Cloud

SKYWARN Training postponed but weather observers still needed

Meteorological spring versus astronomical spring

  Meteorologist explains how data is collected for use by aviation agencies, weather reporters

Another round of freezing rain possible overnight

First full moon of the new decade.

Tonight will be the first full moon of the new decade and some areas may even see the penumbral eclipse associated with it.

Deep South braces for another round of winter severe weather

The probability of a tornado in Minnesota during the winter months is less than 0.01%. In the Deep South, the probability climbs as they brace for the possibility of another winter outbreak of severe weather this weekend.

  Dixie Alley Severe Weather December 16th, 2019

A line of severe weather has produced at least one fatality on Monday as it swept across parts of southwest Louisiana.

Remote sensing helps scientist view glacier change

New video released December 9th, 2019 by NASA and USGS shows the importance satellites play in studying our ever changing world.

Using 1000-500 mb thickness to track arctic air

  Winter weather threatens end of harvest; basis narrows between CBOT and local prices

First heavy snow of the year to arrive Tuesday

  Close call for passengers of New Zealand flight

A look back at the ups and downs of Halloween weather in Mankato

  Parts of the Midwest are about to see a snowy end to October

  Breakdown of fall foliage and changing leaf color

The Mankato area is set up for a vibrant fall due to the moisture through the summer months and the fall colors will peak this weekend.

Tracking tropical storms in the Atlantic

Update on current tropical weather over the Atlantic Ocean.

Why leaves change color?

Seasons are changing and so are the leaves. Here is a quick explanation to what causes our leaves to change color.

What a 5% tornado means

Ever see a weather post saying there is a 5% risk for tornadoes and wonder what it means?

Difference between a supercell and hurricane

What's the difference between hurricanes and supercells? How come hurricanes don't form over land? all answered in today's weather blog.

  Cold Air Funnels Explained

KEYC NEWS 12 Meteorologist Joshua Eckl explains what cold air funnel clouds are and how they form.

Refraction of sound waves, why you can hear your neighbors across the lake better at night.

Temperature how it bends sound.

Cone Of Silence, Explained

The cone of silence produces an ominous looking feature on the radar. What is it? What does it look like? Today's blog explains.

Lets Talk PoP: Probability of Precipitation

Why didn't we get any rain? The explanation of probability forecasting.

  Amazing Footage Of A Landspout Near Terril, IA June 17, 2019

Checkout this amazing footage from Greg DeVore of a landspout that formed near Terril, IA earlier this afternoon. Read more to find out how landspouts form and how they differ from tornadoes.

Temperature and precipitation breakdown for Mankato, May 2019

Weather blog shows the rankings temperature and precipitation data for May of 2019. Data shows that Minnesota was below to much below average in temps and dry or soggy depending on your location.

Windy Tuesday Across Southern Minnesota

High winds expected Tuesday and low lifts into our region.

Major Severe Weather Outbreak Possible Across Southern Plains

Large long-lived tornadoes anticipated today across Texas and Oklahoma, along with large hail, strong winds, and localized flooding.