Hometown Business Connection: Weggy’s On Campus

Hometown Business Connection: Weggy’s On Campus

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — When life gives you lemons, build a patio.

That’s the new slogan Weggy’s On Campus says it is living by these days.

A couple of days into the new state guidelines that allow up to 50 patrons outdoors, many restaurants and bars around the area are getting creative to keep revenue flowing.

“So you just have to keep reinventing yourself," said Steve Wegman, owner of Weggy’s on Campus. “So, we decided to build a patio. We looked at other options, you know, some portable, some maybe not so aesthetic. If you are going to do it, then let’s just do it right.”

Wegman stresses they have had to adapt during this time, especially with the mandatory reservation process for diners.

The City of Mankato, and University Square have been doing everything in their power to help small businesses stay active and afloat by letting business owners take advantage of their storefront. Luckily for Wegman, he also owns Krusty’s Donut Shop, The 507, and Berry Blendz.

”We just took the space in front of the storefronts that we own, so Krusty’s, Weggy’s, and Berry Blendz. We contacted U-Square, and U-Square has been very receptive," Wegman added. “I mean, they need storefronts to stay active, to stay open for everybody.”

Wegman originally started Weggy’s in Lake Crystal in 2004. The timing was right for him to make the move to Mankato on Warren Street, near the Minnesota State University, Mankato campus, in 2013 and business has been booming every since.

“So, I mean last night was busy. We [also] have a patio downtown at The 507, it was busy,” he stated.

Despite all the trials and tribulations that have been thrown Wegman’s way these last couple of months, he is still the same happy-go-lucky guy he has always been.

“I am the egg-cracker – chief egg-cracker – at Weggy’s On Campus.”

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