Countdown to Election Day: state party leaders discuss the issues

Countdown to Election Day: state party leaders discuss the issues

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — State party leaders are now working full speed ahead as they prepare for the Minnesota Primary on Aug. 11 and the general election on Nov. 3.

This year, there are several issues on the table, starting with COVID-19.

“And whether or not we are actually providing affordable, accessible health care as well as making sure that we bring down the costs of prescription drugs,” said Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin.

“Obviously, we want to be able to as a country move past this virus in a meaningful and healthy way. We’ve seen so many people unemployed because businesses are in a very bad place and then also for how does that look moving forward,” said Minnesota Republican Party Chair Jennifer Carnahan.

As schools statewide wait for guidance for the fall, the two state party leaders also have their own thoughts on reopening schools.

“I think we have a responsibility not only to protect those students but frankly the teachers as well and again to make sure that whatever decision is made around school that we do it in a responsible way,” Martin said.

“I think we need to get schools back open and get our kids back into a routine, get them in a classroom and get them the right and proper education in a meaningful way. There are ways I think that the school systems can figure out how to do that safely,” Carnahan said.

During the second special session earlier this month, state lawmakers passed a police reform compromise following the death of George Floyd and the protests that followed.

“What we’re seeing in this country right now is a long overdue racial reckoning, and I was very glad to see that the Senate Republicans came together with Democrats in the Legislature to actually pass some meaningful police reform and accountability measures. There’s still a long ways to go,” Martin said.

“We thought the police reform was a good compromise to move in the right direction. When you’re trying to make dramatic changes and sweeping changes, they don’t just happen overnight. And so a lot of times its taking small steps forward,” Carnahan said.

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